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07-Aug-2020 20:21

This positive ripple effect has the potential to influence a new generation of leaders to develop their industries and lead our country.Secondly, programmes like Grad Star allows students to attain invaluable exposure to other fields of expertise.We also advertise in relevant press and online forae.The students go through a rigorous 4 phase judging process, culminating in a day of workshops hosted by potential employers (sponsors).Grad Star is a growing phenomenon that anyone would want to be part of.It’s an amazing opportunity and you get to learn so much from the other entrants, the sponsors, as well as yourself.Grad Star provided an opportunity for me to meet some of South Africa’s top leaders in their respective industries.

I doubted my chances of being recognised as one of the top ten and I was just grateful to have been selected as Top 100.The moment my name was called out I tried to remember what I had done to be so fortunate to have been selected.