40 dating 20 year old

27-Nov-2019 05:18

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. My age begins with the number 4 and I'd put my libido up for comparison to any twenty-something.

Maybe when men hit their 60s most are on a downward slope, but there are lots of men in their 40's who are plenty ready to play..

This is from the Mayo Clinic: "Erectile dysfunction is common, and prevalence increases with age. By age 70, from 40 to 60 percent of men have the condition."And she'll be 30 and will have approximately only 10% of her fertility remaining.

Also, her looks will have dropped quite a bit and male attention will be starting to wane at that age. Also, a 52 year old with a 30 year old is pretty unremarkable.

How-e-ver, I think these things don't usually--don't --work out.

Often, the younger female is looking for money and if the man is aware of that from the start and willing to purchase a wife, fine, that too is between them.

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LOL, j/k, I know that there are some bright 20 yr olds out there.

Also it really wouldn't be fair to her in a LTR situation because she would be "wasting" her best yrs with some "old" dude.

I just don't think that they would have the life experience to hold my attention.

I need to be able to talk to someone and have them understand things other than the latest boy bands.And she'll be 30 and will have approximately only 10% of her fertility remaining. Celine Dion's husband is 26 years old then her and they have been married for 16 years Catherine Zeta Jones's husband Michael Douglas is 25 years older than her and they been married ten years now.

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