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Half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott trade between kinship and rivalry both on the basketball court and in the hearts of their friends in the small, but not so quiet town of Tree Hill, North Carolina.

Originally based around the lives of a group of high school students living in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, then later moving on to their college days as they got older.

See more » In the first season, Donna Martin's mother was named Nancy Martin, and played by Jordana Capra.

When she was reintroduced in season 2, she was named Felice Martin, and played by Katherine Cannon.

The kids become friends and enemies, fall in and out of love, and go through an endless series of crises as this small group somehow becomes personally involved in every newsworthy social issue from alcoholism to South African apartheid to pregnancy to AIDS.

Luke Perry (Dylan Mc Kay) and Tori Spelling (Donna Martin) both auditioned for the parts of characters who are polar opposites of the characters they ended up playing: Steve Sanders (the comic relief, unlike the suave ladies man, Dylan) and Kelly Taylor (promiscuous, unlike Donna who saved herself for future husband).

There are also episodes with scenes edited out that would mention certain songs or music artists.

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She has gone on to become a mainstay on the made-for-television movie circuit, starring in nearly a dozen such films. She became acting president of the union, following the death of president Ken Howard, on March 23, 2016, Carteris and Isaacs have two daughters named Kelsey Rose (born May 11, 1994) and Mollie Elizabeth (born 1999).While attending Redwood High School in Larkspur, California, she took an interest in the arts, studying ballet and performing as a mime on a European tour, at 16 years old.She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, in 1983, with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts.See more » I did not watch much of the show when it was originally on TV.

Now, about 25 years after it started I decided to watch something that "is 90's" and BH 90210 was the show that right away got into my head.

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