Access updating using linked tables

07-Mar-2020 05:46

To get the database to verify that the tables are linked when the application loads, call this routine using the Run Code action in a macro named autoexec.

The Linked Table Manager is an important tool for working with linked tables.

— Before you begin — Refresh a data source and its linked tables — Relink a data source or linked table — Find a linked table — Edit a data source — Add a data source and linked tables — Delete a data source or linked table You can add the following types of data sources: Access, SQL (Server and Azure), Excel, or Custom (text, Microsoft Dynamics, Shae Point list, ODBC).

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To test this, you need a database with some linked tables.

Many Access applications split the database - that is, the tables are located in one database while the application components (forms, reports, and code) are in another.

The database where the tables reside is called the back-end database, and as you'd imagine, the other database is called the front-end.

It allows you to move tables to another folder or another drive and then update the link to that table.

To move and update table links, follow these steps: You might at some time have a link that you no longer need.

In Access 2016 and later, the dialog box is much simpler, but you can export information to Excel.