Accommodating bicycle and pedestrian travel

06-Jan-2020 16:53

Faster confident bicyclists may tend to travel in the main lanes, but this is not true for younger or less confident bike riders.A chip sealed surface with a relatively thin gravel base may be adequate for many pedestrian and bicycle applications.

The objective of this planning and design study was to gather background information and include all interested parties in developing alternative plans for bicycle and pedestrian travel along Parkers Mill Road.

We commonly list the following as the benefits of shoulders for all road users: If a shoulder is intended to be used by pedestrians or bicyclists, it should be paved and a minimum of four feet wide.

This improves the safety for those users by helping provide separation between the fast moving motorized traffic and the slower bikes and pedestrians.

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In the Spring 2013 issue of Nuggets & Nibbles, we reproduced a historic article - Highway Shoulder Design, Construction and Maintenance.

Legislation and regulations require the inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian policies and projects in transportation plans and project development, and federal policy is increasingly committed to develop and invest in bicycle and walking infrastructure.