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a term used in biology and medicine, similar to “adaptation.” The term is traditionally used in the three phrases “accommodation of the eye,” “physiological accommodation,” and “histological accommodation.”Accommodation of the eye is adaptation of the eye in order to obtain clear vision of objects at various distances.

It is achieved by a change in the refractive power of the optical system, which leads to the focusing of the image on the retina.

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The treatment of spasm or paralysis depends on the cause. The physical factor of crystalline lens elasticity also enters into eye accommodation.In humans the ability of the accommodation muscles to contract and the elasticity of the crystalline lens may change because of a number of conditions.In birds, mammals, and humans accommodation is achieved by a change in the curvature of the crystalline lens.

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Accommodation is performed by the accommodation muscles and is possible within certain limits—that is, when the object is at a particular distance from the eye within the field between the points of close and distant vision.

However, histological accommodation is often difficult to differentiate from other processes, such as metaplasia and atrophy.

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