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24-Nov-2019 11:16

When you train in a 20' X 40' gym you have to get creative.

(Despite this powerlifting emphasis, the average guy under his tutelage puts on 30 to 40 pounds in the first year.) In Dave's last article he taught you the art of box squatting.

The human eye, with its various parts, plays a very important role in our lives. This may seem simple enough to just say it like that but a series of operations occur from the point of light rays entering our eyes till we perceive the image of whatever we are seeing.

One of these processes is the Power of Accommodation of the eye.

By adjusting the focal length, the eye is actually changing its lens power as well isn’t it? You will notice that objects in the background tend to get blurry. Keep your finger in front of your face but focus on something in the background. If the object in consideration is at a distance, for the image to form at the retina, the focal length has to be large.

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Here, the ciliary muscles relax, thereby thinning the eye lens.

This time he'll introduce you to another Westside favorite, the use of bands and chains while benching and squatting. This is an extremely advanced method of training and should only be used by those who are familiar with Westside methodology.

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