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28-Oct-2020 14:47

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Yep, that come hither IM with the smooth, sultry PCTools’ spokesperson Richard Clooke said the bots were exploiting the MSN chat forums…

“…But generally it could be targeting any type of chat forum in order to make contact” so avoid clicking on links received through any instant messages, even the simplest “hey, how’s it goin’? Not sure how this type of AI contextual chat would play out on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter or inside virtual worlds, but with the level of marcom sophistication, phishing scams and Facebook quizzes, games and apps usurping personal info I figure it’s just a matter of time before ‘flirt bots’ hit the texting, mobile, and friend of a friend profile poseurs, right?

(Note, the above video above is short and hilarious, please watch it.

IF you cannot get the embedded video to work, you can watch the clip here).

By removing the actual woman from the whole experience, sex dolls are the realization of a society that too often ignores the person part of a woman, and only focuses on the sexual parts.

Furthermore, it reinforces heteronormativity the only type of sex that happens is one man and one woman.

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Women positioned as “futuristic beer delivery systems?You also agree to terms and conditions and privacy statements.

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