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Preferred documentation includes the following (posted to the How to Enroll page of the website): 17. In accordance with BOE Policy 500-12, "A student, once granted a geographic exception, shall belong to the school for which it is granted, …until the student graduates or otherwise transfers.” If a student's legal residence changes, the GE remains valid until the student is withdrawn or at the end of the student's terminal grade level year.

When issuing a student ID number for a new HIDOE student seeking a GE, must the parent fill out the SIS-10WR Student Enrollment Form? Parents should let schools know if their child is a returning HIDOE student. If a GE student wishes to continue to the next projected middle or high school within the GE complex, then a new GE application must be submitted. How do I appeal a Principal’s denial of a GE application?

In order not to inconvenience the parent, the receiving school should date-stamp the receipt of the application.

The application should then be faxed or couriered (after making a copy) to the current school or to the home school.

If a current HIDOE student is seeking a GE, then the current school will review the proof of residence on file.

If a non-HIDOE student is seeking a GE, then a proof of residence document will need to be submitted along with other enrollment documents at your home school PRIOR to requesting a GE. What documents are considered as proof of residence?

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All other requests for geographic exceptions shall be considered only after priority requests have been accommodated (HAR Ch. You may check the "Other" box in Section I and provide a detailed statement of your reasons for seeking a GE. Do you need a GE to attend a public charter school? The child needs to go through the application and acceptance process set up by the public charter school. Do you need a GE to attend a public conversion charter school (i.e., a school that converted from a regular public school to a public charter school?) At this time, conversion charter schools utilize the GE process for enrolling out-of-area students.Chapter 13, the rule on geographic exceptions, states in part that for applications received by March 1st, notification of the decision shall be mailed no later than two weeks after March 1, unless the student is to be considered in the chance lottery selection process.

The notification should “Inform the applicant that an alternative student may be selected by the principal if the student is not registered at the receiving school within 10 working days from the postmarked date of the mailing.” Thus, the rule does not provide for automatic voiding of all other GE applications.

Please note that all notable considerations must be accommodated prior to any regular GEs.