Age dating contamination

05-Apr-2020 19:31

Contamination and instrument background are sometimes collectively referred to as “total background.” Taylor and Southon have characterized six general types of total background, each of which has multiple specific sources [4].For our purposes, we will group these contributions into three general classes of contamination and background: The first contribution often results in sample-position-dependent variations in radiocarbon content, thus is often detectable by measuring multiple pieces of the same sample.But the amount of contamination is generally impossible to quantify.An old sample with in situ contamination cannot generally provide an accurate date.This equilibrium continues through plants to herbivores and through them to carnivores.

It was hoped that this would enable dating of much smaller and perhaps much older samples.

Thus, even if larger samples like RATE’s “on the order of 100 mg” [6] are submitted to an AMS laboratory, only about 1 mg of carbon will actually undergo analysis.