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29-Mar-2020 21:06

There are also instances where Muslim girls marry Hindu boys under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

I am a proud Muslim and I need not to prove this to anyone.

According to all four schools of Sunni law and Shia law, interfaith marriages are condoned only between a Muslim male and a non-Muslim female from the People of the Book (that is, Christians and Jews) and not vice versa.

In many Muslim majority countries, interfaith marriages (apart from marriages of Muslim men to Jewish-or-Christian women) is not prohibited, and/or regarded as socially taboo.

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For example, in the United States, about 10% of Muslim women are married to non-Muslims.Islamic marriage rules between Muslim men and non-Muslim women are regulated by Islamic principles.There are restrictions to whom a Muslim man can marry which are further explained below.Although there are changes, it is still banned in many Muslim societies.

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While the law permits a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman, it does not allow a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man without proof of his conversion to Islam. Tunisia is one of the few Muslim majority countries where Muslim women are allowed to marry non-Muslims.

If the non-Muslim husband does convert a new marriage is not needed. When there come to you believing women refugees, examine (and test) them: God knows best as to their Faith: if ye ascertain that they are Believers, then send them not back to the Unbelievers.

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