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“There is a crisis in the Boy Scouts,” said Eisenberg.“And there has been for many years, many decades — in fact, since the early 1900s.” Since 1919, the Boy Scouts of America has maintained a group of files known as the “ineligible volunteer files,” which acknowledge predatory behavior and pedophilia among scout leaders.A letter should then be delivered to the volunteer, and he should be told he is not being asked to continue in his position, without explanation for why.

“We believe victims and remove individuals based on only allegations of inappropriate behavior,” the statement said. In a 1972 letter addressed to all scout executives that is included in the lawsuit filed by Eisenberg, BSA executive Paul Ernst outlined a course of action in the event of inappropriate behavior that did not involve contacting law enforcement.Roughly 40 are from Pennsylvania, and 20 are from New Jersey.The Boy Scouts of America is the 18th largest nonprofit in the United States, with revenue exceeding 0 million annually, according to the court filing.The statute of limitations for civil child sex abuse in Pennsylvania is capped at age 30.

But Eisenberg is relying on the precedent set by the Pennsylvania Superior Court, which ruled in Rice v.The plaintiff, a Luzerne County man identified in the suit only as S.