American dating pakistani women

18-Sep-2019 21:09

The Pakistani woman came to my house first, then her husband followed a bit later (it's just across the road, so very informal).

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The woman I was with was Muslim, but her family follows Aga Khan, who's a descendent of Mohammed but is very Westernized - he lives in exile in Paris, and his daughter married the (white, Christian) son of the mayor of Dallas (incidentally, 3/4 of her family lives in Dallas).She was sitting down on one of my sofas munching on snacks when her husband arrived, then as soon as she saw her husband, she stood up from her seat to give it to her husband. All my Indian friends couldn't help but stare at that gesture which turned into a discussion when the couple left. To the OP: if you're interested in dating an Indian woman, find out if she's a devout Brahman or not. " Every single little thing, she needed someone to hold her hand all the way through it.

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