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26-Jul-2020 07:25

Jones is a well known author, who has researched and written about many different crimes.The beginning of this story details the night of January 10th 1992, when four teenage girls trick Cruel Sacrifice, by Aphrodite Jones, is a true crime story about the now infamous and tragic Shanda Sharer murder.Topics also discussed include her interpretation of how the media handled the trial and how it impacted Michael in his final years.Additional Links Connect with Us The Facebook Twitter Instagram You Tube If you have any thoughts, opinions, or feedback on this Michael Jackson podcast episode, we’d love to hear from you.These days, Aphrodite Jones, who's written a string of best-selling true crime books, is also commenting on the crime mysteries lurking behind news headlines as she joins Dr.The MJCast present their fourth annual special episode recognising Michael Jackson’s acquittal from false child molestation allegations on June 13th, 2005.Aphrodite is a journalist and the author of several bestselling true crime books, one of which was turned into the Oscar-winning movie, .

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The final part of the story tells of Melindas main accomplice, Laurie Tacket, and her childhood with a strict religious upbringing, accounts from friends regarding her instability, and information about time she spend receiving mental health care before the crime.

On each of these annual episodes, The MJCast’s Legal Correspondent Charles Thomson along with hosts Jamon Bull and Q, bring a very special guest onto the show to discuss their experience with the trial that so deeply affected Jackson’s life.

In this year’s show, the guys welcome author of the newly released special edition of Michael Jackson Conspiracy, Aphrodite Jones.

The new edition of the book features colour photos, exclusive links to footage of accuser Gavin Arvizo being led in a police interview, Michael Jackson discussing a children’s holiday with Martin Bashir and Neverland Valley Ranch during the trial era.

Jamon, Q, and Charles talk with Aphrodite about her early life, her experience being one of the few reporters given permanent seats in the courtroom throughout Jackson’s trial, how she fell under the pro-persecution spell and how she changed her mind.

Aphrodite Jones is an award-winning American reporter and author who writes about unusual and puzzling murder cases.

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