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Decimated by disease and battle casualties, the Marauders were disbanded after the battle and replaced by the Mars Task Force, a similar infantry formation that fought in Burma and China until the end of the war.While with the Mars Task Force, First Sergeant Jack Knight earned the only Medal of Honor awarded to a special-operations Soldier during World War II.Major Russell Volckmann, who later played an important role in the birth of Special Forces, escaped from the enemy and with First Lieutenant Donald D.

These men organized the insurgency against the Japanese and waged a classic guerrilla campaign until the end of the war.

They are America’s main weapon for waging unconventional warfare in an age when conventional conflicts have become increasingly rare. It is a task they can look forward to with confidence because the tradition of Army Special Forces is one of excellence.

It is because of this record that the modern-day Special Forces remain devoted to their Latin motto, De Oppresso Liber – To Free the Oppressed.

The Ranger battalions were disbanded at the end of World War II.

Merrill’s Marauders was the title given to Brigadier General Frank D.

The 1st Battalion was nicknamed Darby’s Rangers for their commander, Colonel William O. Six Ranger battalions were created during World War II.