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Although the eggs were laid some 73 hours apart, we expect the second to catch up and hatch closer to the first. Both eggs are quite stained from leaves in the nest.

We assume the older egg is more stained and will be the first to Hatch. Incubation continues with a very cold night last night.

Tree climbers are coming today to lower the cameras and then our team will clean, replace and restore everything.

All cables will be pulled back to the Discovery Centre fence and improvements made.

We all hope for ultimate release to the wild, if her wings are strong enough and healing complete.

Her initial rescue and care would not have been possible without the wonderful team from Feathered Friends.

A few of our team visited the facility and were thrilled to see her flying around the large Flight Aviary.

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There is still a little sibling aggression - practice for life? Both chicks are growing, exercising those little wings, moving around the nest. The chicks are receiving 11 or 12 feeds a day, mostly by the female. The two eggs were laid around 73 hours apart and hatched about 33 hours apart, after delayed incubation of the first egg.The cameras are disconnected and the team are very busy with much tidying of cables, redirecting cable lines, buying new equipment. We expect the cameras to be reinstalled in another week or so.Our eagles are still hanging around the nest, but live action will be off for some time as we conduct much needed maintenance on the cameras.We shall be watching from the ground though and everything will be restored as soon as possible. Over the past weeks, a young sub-adult has visited the nest several times, though we have not seen any interaction with the breeding pair.

The adults are still in the area and even brought sticks to the nest yesterday SE21 is thriving in rehabilitation care at Higher Grounds Raptor Centre.

Cameras are operational from 5 am until 9 pm daily, Central Australian time.