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18-Oct-2019 01:40

[Read: 14 subtle signs you’re ruining your dates unknowingly] 8 easy ways to avoid awkward silences during a date If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t help but feel hot under the collar as your wriggle your sweaty toes uncomfortably, all you have to do is fill in the blanks with these great suggestions and you will never have to worry about dreaded awkward silences again.#1 Skirt controversial topics As passionate as you are about wanting to see the destruction of the financial system, or think that all women should have the right to be pro-choice, or even if you think that the president is a douche *or not*, save controversial topics for when you get to know your date a little better.[Read: 20 clear signs of attraction on a first date] Turn the conversation to yourself and lead it to something different with a line like, “Well, I for one do not have a great relationship with my mother, but she used to make these amazing coconut cookies, and as a kid it reminded me of the beach. ” #3 Acknowledge the silence You will be surprised at how well honesty can work in an awkward situation.Slice through the tension with an honest response in a comical voice like, “Well, that was awkward, let’s try and avoid that, shall we?Diffuse the situation by turning the subject to yourself instead.If you have no qualms speaking about your past, do it, but remember to stick to happy memories and avoid the boohoo bits.Say something relatable and non-threatening like, “I have a four-year old niece who wants to be a nurse and you will not believe the things she makes her parents do during playtime. Talking about our big, beautiful world is a surefire way to start a wonderful gab fest.

Questions like these will undoubtedly lead to awkward pauses.If your date has not traveled much, ask them, “Well, let’s just say you get to drop everything right this minute and go off on an adventure. ” [Read: 18 signs your date already likes you on your first date] #6 Ask about achievements People love talking about themselves.