Basic principles christian dating

13-Oct-2020 08:54

The scene might be different for you who have had to endure disappointment and heartbreak time after time.

Being a Christian does not make dating any easier, but there are certain principles that provide guidelines for dating.

Watch out for the “might be” snare, as in, “He ‘might be’ flirting with me and so I’m going to get carried away thinking about every possible place [read: marriage] that could lead.” It is entirely possible to honor God, yourself, and a brother in Christ on a date. Be able to walk away from a dating relationship with your whole heart intact so that your future husband is not robbed of part of it down the road.

Don’t elevate him or the relationship to the place that God alone should hold in your heart. Prayerfully consider what, when, how much to give away.

We settle for lesser gods than the one who died for us and love us unconditionally.

The idea that dating is not Christian is clearly not a biblical one, because God expects people to find their life- long companions when on earth.

Remember, serious dating as that expected of Christians can create bonds that far surpass ordinary friendship bonds, and breaking those bonds can be rather painful.

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