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24-May-2020 21:52

My life is over." Charlie sighed and sat down next to Brian on the couch. Her whole body shook with the power of his thrusts. If I have this baby, I'll be doing it all alone." "You won't be alone, hon." Miley promised. I wanted to be married, with a house and a career, before I started having children." "Do you want to look into an abortion? Letting go, Miley placed her palms down on the long table, bending over slightly to do so. I'll be back on the pill by next week so you can cum inside me again, but until then you'll have to cum on my ass." That didn't sound so bad to Charlie, who positioned himself behind Miley and began feeding his length between her slick lips.She began sucking, swallowing his sperm down her throat and coaxing out every drop, all while rubbing out her own orgasm.Charlie could only stand, weak-kneed and marvel at Miley's sexual skill."I can't wait to taste your cum." Miley whispered, reaching a hand to the back of Charlie's neck and encouraging him to suck on her earlobe. I'll just open wide so you can shoot your yummy seeds right into my mouth." "....fuck, Miley..." "Make me feel like a dirty whore, Charlie." Miley begged wantonly. I promise I'll swallow it all..." Charlie grew panicked, pulling out of Miley quickly. She spun, kneeling to the hard cement floor, her panties still stretched between her thighs.

His aim improved, and the next two heavy ropes went into Miley's mouth.

"I wonder how long I can hide it from them..." When she heard a knock at the apartment door, Stacy pulled the pillow out and cast it back to her bed. I'm a total jerk." "You asked me if it was yours." Stacy reminded angrily. It's freaky and scary." She sat on the couch helplessly. He moved towards the couch and dropped to one knee. Brian, get off your knee." Brian squinted at Stacy, "What?

"As though I'm out fucking a bunch of guys besides you." Brian tried to plead his case. " Stacy lifted a dismissive hand, "I'm not even that angry at you, Brian. Gently closing the door, Brian asked "Have you thought about what you want to do? If you're going to have the baby I think we should...." "We're not getting married." Stacy interrupted, "So just forget it." Standing back up, Brian asked "Why not? I planned on spending the next three years having fun, going to school, and figuring out what I'm going to do with my life.

"It's going to be okay." Stacy let out a humorless laugh, "Yeah right. I'm nineteen, I live off my parents, and I'm pregnant." Miley didn't have an answer, biting her lower lip with concern as she placed a hand at Stacy's back. I had no idea you were even worried about being pregnant. " Stacy leaned to the side, letting Miley put an arm around her shoulders. " "It must have been after the party I had at my parents." Stacy answered. We've been careful ever since, but I'm sure we didn't use protection that night. "It's a pretty important question to answer." Charlie explained. She kept her torsal weight supported on the table, leaning upon it with planted palms. His arms were wrapped around her sides, one hand masturbating her while the other reached up her shirt to grope at Miley's bra-covered breasts.

"I didn't tell you because you've been pretty wrapped up with Charlie. "Not that I blame him, its not like either of us are ready to be parents." "When did this happen? "The one where Charlie showed up and you guys had all that drama with Brett." Miley's expression soured at the mention of Brett, the asshole who almost tried to rape her. We were so hammered I'm surprised I was able to get my panties off." Miley hugged her roommate closer when more tears began to stream down Stacy's face, "We're going to get through this, I promise." ===== "Dude, my life is over." Brian held his head with both palms as he sat on the couch in his parent's living room. And even if she does, that doesn't mean you have to get married; not if you guys don't want to. "Given that she's pregnant with your baby." "Yeah, of course I love her." Brian stated as though admitting it for the first time, even to himself. I guess, though it was more of a crush back then." "Does she love you? "I know you need to be quick baby, so go ahead and pump me real good." Grunting, Charlie accepted the invitation and began humping swiftly against Miley's ass. "It makes me so hot when your hands are all over my body." Miley pushed herself back onto Charlie, driving his cock even deeper. You know how funny girls are about that topic." "Yeah." Charlie agreed. He was working the cash register, but it was a slow day and he mostly stood at the counter staring out into the mall as his mind raced. " Theo appeared from organizing the magazine racks. A customer approached the counter and Charlie casually began adding up a stack of comics on the cash register. it's a long story." He took the customer's money, handed back the change, and put the comics into a bag. Hi Theo." Miley offered a little wave, wriggling her fingers. "Uh, hi Miley." He couldn't resist looking at Miley's naval, which was bared between a white buttoned top and tight black jeans. " Miley's lips curved into a warm smile, "I love you, Charlie White. "I was looking forward to doing it with you last night, before she called and dropped her bomb, so it's been almost two days! "If he does he's in for quite a show." "Give me a hand?