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I just want to know if the complete lack of physical touching is normal for men in late 50s.Hello and thanks for the question From a medical stand point, it is not that uncommon for the sex drive to decrease as the levels of testosterone begin to decrease somewhat with age...however, this is not a rule.My heart has been heavy feeling sorry for myself that I will never have that again.And I witness hugs and shoulder rubs from other couples we spend time with too.I just feel if I knew what the norm was I could justify feeling unloved or justify telling myself to get over it and be happy with everything else... Problem with surveys, and things like this, is, that it is only as reliable as the honesty of people answering the questions. I have honed in on one thing you have said..."I am tired of feeling neglected" feel this way, then you are clearly not getting out of the relationship what you need.You also say you "don't want to mess up a good thing" and I'm not so convinced you 'have a good thing'.I am tired of feeling neglected and will click accept twice if you can help me with this one.

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I try to convince myself that it is just personal preference, but what is confusing is that if it was personal preference there would not have been so much of it in the first 6-9 months, so that says to me that he does not dislike it.....

we have had 2 discussions on this topic, but it was geared toward the infrequency or decline of sex interest and the conversation was upsetting to him.

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