Bender amy dating

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Amy also tells her parents Fry is her boyfriend when they try to set her up with an unattractive suitor.

wikia JWPlayer=:wikia JWPlayer);define('wikia.article Video.featured Video.autoplay',['Test','wikia.article Video.featured Video.cookies',require.Here's hoping they're as great as the original show.In Futurama's "Love's Labors Lost in Space," Leela meets Captain Zapp Brannigan, self-proclaimed ladies' man.She even uses the head of Pamela Anderson to try to convince Fry to give them up.

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Futurama parodies the movie Armageddon in "A Big Piece of Garbage." The Professor's new invention, the Smelloscope, discovers that a giant celestial body is on a collision course with Earth.

Just as she is about to leave with her date (with Fry's head in tow) Leela shows up to rescue Fry, and engages Amy's date in boring conversation. But Bender causes a ruckus in which Leela winds up blind.