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22-Jan-2020 03:53

During a busy moment, Steve had set his cell phone down under the front counter to deal with a situation. There were things on the cell phone he did not want anyone to see, including his wife, Mary, of 8 years.

It was a typical marriage, the sex was good in the beginning and than got boring with less and less sex no more blowjobs and once a month wham bam and it was ov… Read more The woman; Ruth, Mariah, Monique and Lisa, had been have been friends for many years, since high school.

Now, he just needed to figure out how to address those desires. He wasn't quite su… Read more Most of the jobs I get from Amanda are pretty mundane but she does like to feed me the weird ones too, the next job I got was from a man named Brett, he didn’t say why he wanted me just to be at his house at 4pm.

I think this came under the weird umbrella due to lack of information.

Both in good shape and enjoying great sex and each other in our relationship.She had absolutely amazing boobs but didn’t show them off, she wasn’t skinny but wasn’t over weight she was just right.