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Why, it might be asked, did Hurvitz need to decide that linguistic features were enough to date the Prose Tale late?Why, in the first quote, did he need to emphasize that the LBH forms need to be more than few or sporadic?We believe, in any case, that the excellent criteria of distribution and opposition are enough to demonstrate that a form is characteristic of the core LBH clearly a characteristic of LBH, occurring 91 times in the Hebrew Bible, 78 of them in the core LBH books, and a further six times in LBH-related psalms and Qoheleth.One of his many important advances is to put to rest older scholars' insistence that "Aramaisms"―or Aramaic-like forms―are necessarily evidence of a late date.

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The exile in the sixth century BCE marks a transitional period, the great watershed in the history of BH.It is, therefore, not inappropriate if we concentrate on Hurvitz's methodology and presuppositions here.We illustrate these first of all by several quotes from his early work on the Prose Tale of Job.While ancient Hebrew underwent linguistic change, as do languages in general, the biblical texts seem not to reflect this chronology in a way that makes any kind of linguistic dating of the texts possible – in contrast to the consensus prevailing among Hebrew linguists until about a decade ago.

By Ian Young Associate Professor, Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies, The University of Sydney By Robert Rezetko Assistant Professor, Faculty of Religious Studies, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen Honorary Research Associate, Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies, The University of Sydney By Martin Ehrensvärd Part-time Lecturer, Department for the Study of Religion, University of Aarhus Lecturer, Department of Biblical Exegesis, The University of Copenhagen July, 2010 In the last few years, a challenge has been mounted to the consensus view that Biblical Hebrew (BH) can be divided into two discrete historical periods: Early Biblical Hebrew (EBH) and Late Biblical Hebrew (LBH), or early Hebrew and late Hebrew.Now, this may in fact be a conclusion which is congenial to some.

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