Billy crudup claire danes still dating

03-Jul-2020 10:18

5, about Billy Crudup leaving pregnant Mary-Louise Parker for her back in 2003 -- details I only read the interview transcript, but it's pretty clear that she doesn't feel any guilt for poaching, or for participating in the breakup of a relationship where there was a child involved. You were together for years before, you couldn't stick it out until the kid's crawling?

Obviously I've no idea of Crudup's Kinsey score but I doubt it's a zero. Someone on Dlisted referred to her as a lizard-faced bitch and I laughed.The new person is not in the relationship that's breaking up so they're not at fault.The two in the original relationship are the ones with the issues.You would think since the cunt now has a child of her own she would have developed some compassion and remorse along the way, but apparently not.

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The SNL parody of Homeland and her spastic acting was spot on. She's the type of straight girl white guys used to go gaga over.It was surprising to find out he's so publicly dated women.