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And then she straight up asks Silver Fox if he sold her book on Ebay! To explain to readers that selling unreleased books is A Crime and we should all stay away from ARC auctions? I don’t care if a protagonist exhibits selfish and destructive tendencies during the book, as long as they acknowledge it eventually and strive to be better. Maddie exhibits incredibly selfish behavior throughout the novel and doesn’t properly apologize for it.

What — and I cannot stress this enough — the actual fuck? One of the most frustrating things about Maddie is her tendency to categorize real people as literary figures and treat them accordingly.

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I do feel like I’m biased because I’m a reviewer, and it may be that I’m particularly sensitive, and that many readers won’t be bothered.

But my second-hand embarrassment levels were off the charts, as was my irritation.

lol xxx UPDATE I have an age bracket, and I have just been told that it was not on my profile, so, I apologise for it not being on here.I’d like to thank Layla for being the smartest person in the entire novel. She spends a chapter musing about how much of a failure she is and how this no-name blogger doesn’t matter.Fast forward to that night, and Layla tells her that Maddie shouldn’t engage with the reviewer.She analyzes their behavior via this lens, and makes wrong predictions and conclusions about their characters.

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Toward the end, Silver Fox finally calls her on it: “I used to think you were my Laurie, but you’ve always been my Gilbert Blythe, haven’t you?

Additionally, the heroine’s frustrating actions — including her baffling behavior as a soon-to-be-published author and her selfishness — ultimately ruined the book for me.