Bitdefender is not updating

13-Dec-2019 19:34

Well, crazy as it might seem, this is actually a security feature.

Some types of malware infections take advantage of your user account by saving themselves to your Documents folder and sub-folders.

One particularly dangerous malware type that attempts to access these files is ransomware.

By blocking permission, Bit Defender is protecting your data from unauthorized access.

Furtonately, this setting is configurable, meaning you can grant permission to apps and games to save to your PC.

Often, you’re alerted to this with an Application access blocked dialog box, from where you can easily allow access.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider dropping your security suite in favor of Windows Defender.

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Where it shows as Blocked, click the slider to Allowed, and close the Bit Defender window.

If this is not the case, set the options as shown, then click Start. If you see an Access Denied error, you’ll need to fix the permissions for BFE.

Do this by pressing WIN R and entering regedit in the run box.

Usually, this is caused by a faulty installation or the remains of a prior one.

It might also be due to a conflict with another security tool on your PC, such as Windows Defender In the past, Windows Defender was overshadowed by other options, but now it's quite a contender.In the registry editor, find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\services\BFE\ and right-click on BFE Key to view its Permissions. On the Everyone list, ensure that the Allow Full Control box is checked. Once Windows is back up and running, return to the Computer Management screen to check the status of BFE. Once downloaded, unzip the contents, and run the BFE_repair file.