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Cambridge African Caribbean Society President Toni Fola-Alade praised the exhibition and its focus on the legacies of black Cambridge alumni.

He said: “Black Cantabs have been tirelessly documenting the black experience at Cambridge for years and it’s great to see this level of exposure been given to the project.

The SJCAM SJ4000 is one one of the most compact Action Cams on the market.

Packing in 1080P video record, HDMI-out and countless other features.

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SJCAM SJ4000 has a 12 mega pixel sensor for shooting crisp photos and recording amazing 1080P videos.Winter is light and mild with a temperature of about 0 ° C.Beach season at the resort Eforie Sud is from June till September.Besides the beautiful Black sea coast, which is perfectly visible in our The salt concentration and the chemical composition of the lake water is almost the same as in the Dead Sea.

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Near Techirghiol Lake there are many wellness centers.Born in Jamaica, Clemetson studied Law at Trinity before enlisting in the army during World War 1.

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