Blogs about dating over 50

29-Mar-2020 23:50

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I long to have a love-interest in my life so I am determined to keep on searching for my dream man, although with fingers crossed - but that could be my arthritis!Margaret's book Pulling in the 21st Century is available from Amazon in e-book form.Don’t let your fear of rejection allow you to put on an act. Don’t rush in - we may be "getting on" but this is not e Bay!You are exactly the person someone out there is looking for and they will appreciate you for yourself. I am an older woman, 68 this year, and I sympathise with the feeling that the clock is ticking but my tip, to take your time, is one of the more important pieces of advice I can offer. There is no time limit on any contacts you receive and you would be wise to consider carefully all the approaches made to you. Do not be embarrassed – millions of people all over the world date online.

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Author Margaret Goodwin gives us her essential guide to getting back out there - via the internet.

Don't pretend to be someone you are not - if you would like to be loved for who you really are, be yourself!

In some ways we feel more relaxed as we get older but we have vulnerabilities, too.

I spent 5 years dating online and I think it is a fantastic opportunity to expand your social life and to greatly increase your chances of meeting someone special.

I had little opportunity at work (all women) or at my gym (all women) or in my front room (no knights on chargers).By the time we pass 50, most of us want more than good looks but neither do we have to settle for someone we find un-attractive.6. Do not expect prospective partners to be perfect, we are all a little older.