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26-Oct-2020 10:21

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Open relationships have practically gone mainstream nowadays, but have you ever wondered what daily life is like for poly families with children?In this post, Elizabeth Little takes a look at the reality of raising kids in non-traditional family structures.Here are the five golden rules […] Read More Back when I had the time, I used to offer some services to help people with their online dating profiles.The services I offered included helping the client choose the right photo and helping with online dating profile writing.They are looking for a man and a woman to be in the pilot.This will not be broadcast on TV, but could be a fun experience if you’re interested in […] Read More First dates are meant to be exciting, but as we all know, there’s always the possibility of things going horribly wrong.

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Also, the medium can be a bit confusing, with many men being unsure of etiquette, what women want or expect and what constitutes a good first message.Read More The season of office Christmas parties is upon us, where alcohol greases the wheel of excuses for doing something silly with that cute co-worker you’ve been fantasising about for months.Worried you might say or do the wrong thing and get in trouble? Read More Don’t fall for these common online dating profile pic mistakes, ladies.Victims have to pay large sums of money or risk having intimate videos of themselves exposed to family, work colleagues and other contacts.

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Here’s how to spot and avoid it so you can stay safe online.

Read More Unsolicited dick pics are the bane of the online dating world, and it’s true that you really shouldn’t send them to women at all (you can read more about those here).