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29-Apr-2020 17:20

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No real explanation is ever given about anything you ask about the study material. I would make sure I could watch them live, to my own loss, to the loss of my sleep and health, and to the loss of my other personal affairs. Like, if I say the word ‘elephant’, you will think of an elephant. I would walk in the streets and parks and imagine everyone around me being crushed by evil things, and electrocuted by lighting coming out of my body. And those imaginations were very vivid, yet at the same time they looked like my own imagination, it looked like I was just imagining those things because I wanted to, out of fun or boredom. I wanted to teach them what ‘real love’ was (as if I knew), as opposed to the ‘egoistic love’ they had. I had some very intense urges and desires that are too embarrassing to share. This is why Bnei Baruch always insists that people don’t change their habits and jobs and clothes and that they just behave like normal people, not because they are normal, but because it is important to give a positive image of Bnei Baruch (like when they asked students not to smoke in public…) They have a story about some kabbalist named ‘Shimon form the market’.

Formally, they answer questions with more obscure stuff, but substantially, the answer is always ‘faith above reason’. Faith in the promise that Michael Laitman makes me that I’ll become a ‘god’ by reading nonsense and disseminating it? It was normal at that time to cancel meetings with friends and family to watch their broadcasts. But the elephants I was seeing in my mind were all monstrous and ugly, and they stomped people, and tortured them in many different ways. I rarely associated those things with Bnei Baruch or kabbalah. I was turning into a psychopath and I knew this was happening! I have no idea if this is a real Jewish story or just a kabbalistic one, and I don’t care.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, just never felt ‘safe’ enough.

Your blog looks like the perfect place for this, so you can publish this email if you want. I started writing and just had to keep writing what’s on my mind.

But I just can’t do it, primarily because of the pain and regret that remembering all those things brings to me, and also because I want to forget all this, and leave it behind, and keep it miles and miles away from me and from my home, and from my computer and specially from my mind and heart.

So I’ll just write an emotional account, leaving out personal details.

This will not be necessarily an accurate account of their doctrine, just what I have retained by memory.

If I debate their doctrine on their grounds, it’s like they are teaching me about it again.

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I’ll talk about my experiences and just ignore anyone from Bnei Baruch who is arrogant enough to say something about what I’ll write, if they are allowed to comment. Also, I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, or if I sound crazy.I occasionally Google them to see if anyone has ‘debunked’ them or if anyone is attacking them, only to dismay at the fact that they will always show up with their websites among the top results, even when you Google things like “Bnei Baruch satanic luciferian cult”.