Bob harper dating jillian

29-Feb-2020 23:09

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“I was healthy, I was fit, I was strong, I watched what I ate.But now I realized that what my diet was lacking—maybe I don’t want to say lacking, but how it was different—was that it didn’t have balance,” he explains. After all, he was well-aware that cutting out carbs typically results in rapid weight loss.

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Balance in every aspect of my life—especially now—is super important.”This longtime Cross Fit enthusiast admits that modifying his fitness routine was not an easy adjustment.

“I walk a lot with my dogs [Karl and Vivienne] here in the city [New York City], I’m doing a lot of yoga, and I’ve been wanting to incorporate boxing—that’s my challenge for 2018.” And he’s no longer sweating it out every single day (he averages about five days a week).

“I used to be very regimented—I knew how I was going to work out on Monday, I knew what I was going to do every day following.

But now it’s a little more relaxed.” A three-time bestselling author, Harper regularly practices transcendental meditation (TM), which involves silently repeating a mantra in order to place your body in a state of profound rest and allow your mind to achieve a sense of peace, as defined by the Mayo Clinic.

“TM, yoga, and my dogs really help me with managing my stress,” he emphasizes.Here, the author and television personality shares the five ways he has transformed his health—and his life—from the inside out.

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