25-Feb-2020 03:28

Case study Port of Great Yarmouth heavy duty concrete block pavements The Project The Port of Great Yarmouth when fully operational will be a modern, multi-purpose facility integrating a new deep water outer harbour with the well established river port.The port will become a key container terminal for lorry freight traffic between continental Europe and the UK, particularly the Midlands.As a result most commonly available compliant sands have spherical particle shapes.Experience has shown that this type of sand can be readily removed from the joints under heavy traffic action.The returned pallets were thus made available for re-use.All of the plastic shrink wrapping used to secure the blocks to the pallets was quarantined and then returned to Brett Landscaping for recycling.Despite being faced with tight programme deadlines Brett Landscaping offered to work with Tolly Paving to find a solution that would meet these requirements.

When designing pavements for this type of application consideration was also given to the volume and loading of the traffic, future growth, maintenance as well as to the long term durability of the pavement structure.

Dredging of the sea bed within the harbour basin was required which generated approximately 1,600,000m of sand.

This was subsequently used for land reclamation work within the new harbour area.

The evolution of the project from design and specification, through to the supply and installation of the concrete block pavers and jointing material, was co-ordinated in such a way as to ensure that all the contractual obligations were fully met to the satisfaction of the client.



In order to improve installation efficiency and minimise the need to cut blocks at edge restraints, Zeta Lock was developed to include two purpose made accessories; the half block for pattern completion and the closure block for abutting the block pavement to a straight edge.

Tolly Paving were appointed by Carillion plc as the paving sub-contractor to install the wearing surface of the heavy duty pavements.