Booklovers dating

18-Dec-2019 00:37

You will always be the second love of their lives, and they might forget you once in a while because they got a little too absorbed in their book, but that's exactly what makes a book lover so adorable. The many, many, characters your partner reads about and their complexities constantly push the limits of his/her understanding of the world. Their conversations are littered with references to the books they read, and they can go on talking endlessly about their favourite books and authors! Did you know that Google estimated the total number of books in the world to be around Books open up windows for the soul, and a book lover is sure to peek through.Or check out our 22 Pieces of Flair to Show How Much You Love Books for more possibilities.

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Personal Library Kit This personal library kit comes complete with checkout cards and a date stamp for keeping track of any books you lend.There will be no lulls in conversation, awkward questions, or need to dress up.You may be disappointed but then again you may have a great time! Take the First Step Host a Blind Date with a Book Party as a friendly fundraiser.Book Keychain This keychain that looks like a tiny book will ensure your book lover can always have a book with them (even if they can’t read it).

Book Lover Badges These three 1-inch pins are an easy way to wear your book love on your chest.

Book Embosser This embosser ensures that book lovers can make their permanent, personal mark on their own library.