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03-Oct-2019 00:39

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What is important is your closure and peace of mind.With forgiveness and letting go of the past you will be able close that chapter of your life and start a new.Things were said and things we were done that can’t be taken back.

This stage is especially important if your relationship wasn’t healthy.

Accepting that the ending was necessary and now it’s time to embark on a new journey.

Although we don’t know what our next steps are, that is okay.

The pain and suffering you might have experienced in the past doesn’t have to change you or make you feel cold towards others.

You can accept them as lessons learned and apply those lessons in the future. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

He went a long way back, then ran so hard toward the hill that when he got there he was obliged to lie down and rest. Men hesitate to take a step one way or the other lest they do the wrong thing, and this spirit of irresolution and hesitation often leads them into the very mistakes they would avoid.