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30-Jul-2020 09:38

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Being time sensitive, a couple of time related parameters are also defined.

Because of its structure, the definition of an RRDtool database also includes a provision to specify specific actions to take in the absence of update values.

Note, that if you do NOT supply new data points exactly every 300 seconds, this is not a problem, RRDtool will interpolate the data accordingly. This assumes that the value is always increasing (the difference between the current and the previous value is greater than 0).

In our example mentioned above, a new PDP is generated every 300 seconds. A DS declared as COUNTER will save the rate of change of the value over a step period.

It comes with a command set to carry out various operations on RRD databases.

This command set can be accessed from the command line, as well as from Shell or Perl scripts.

At the end, it has sample scripts that illustrate the usage/wrapping of RRDtool within Shell or Perl scripts.

RRDtool is GNU licensed software developed by Tobias Oetiker, a system manager at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.RRDtool databases are primarily used for monitoring purposes and hence are very simple in structure.

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