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We do not keep our users' data or messages sent here, Chattusa automatically deletes all your message history whenever you logout, making Chattusa totally Anonymous and secure. We are trying our best to keep the Chat rooms as clean as possible, we are banning bots and bad users every day.More than 30,000 users have been banned due to unwanted behavior." data-bcmedia="6015176787001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/3/18/8bfe23705b71458b801a99a39ee6d6c1_18.jpg"Witness" data-title="Aamir Khan: The Snake Charmer" data-url="/programmes/witness/2017/11/aamir-khan-snake-charmer-171103081738587.html" data-description="Can Aamir Khan create lasting change in Indian society or is he just another Bollywood star playing the role of a hero?" data-bcmedia="5633231377001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2017/11/15/7295d8c5f2ba4b7983ba828a75109758_18.jpg"Inside Story" data-title="National Register of Citizens: Indians or not Indians? I enjoy travelling and meeting new people socializing and having a good time... I am happy to be friends or more if the attraction is good.

Plus, the challenge of investigative journalism in Albania." data-bcmedia="6081922474001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/8/31/3c6bbe511bfb48848a3a5a66d0d9f379_18.jpg"Counting the Cost" data-title="What is the cost of India's deadly air pollution?

" data-url="/programmes/countingthecost/2019/08/cost-india-deadly-air-pollution-190828125544254.html" data-description="Counting the cost of air pollution in India and protests in Hong Kong.

Plus, Norway's response to climate change." data-bcmedia="6078285414001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/6/11/07cec803024a4b458764328abb33d4fc_18.jpg"Face to Face" data-title="Che Guevara and Fidel Castro: Revolutionary Friends" data-url="/programmes/face-to-face/2017/07/che-guevara-fidel-castro-revolutionary-friends-170711115942430.html" data-description="A legendary friendship borne of youth and revolutionary zeal eventually succumbs to the strains of Cold War realpolitik." data-bcmedia="5521840366001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2017/7/18/4ddab342aa4840768f2a4a44323dfcbe_18.jpg"101 East" data-title="The War On Afghan Women" data-url="/programmes/101east/2019/08/war-afghan-women-190829084944974.html" data-description="As the Taliban and US negotiate a peace deal, Afghan women fear their rights and freedoms will be traded for stability." data-bcmedia="6077243674001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/8/29/c9c07dbcfa474ae4a205b46cc4440705_18.jpg"People & Power" data-title="West Africa's Opioid Crisis" data-url="/programmes/peopleandpower/2019/08/west-africa-opioid-crisis-190827135612104.html" data-description="In Nigeria, prescription drugs are being taken in life-threatening doses by millions in search of a fix." data-bcmedia="6076049807001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/9/1/c912695a39df46b4ac00c56f8777d368_18.jpg"Special series" data-title="An Unholy Alliance: Monks and the Military in Myanmar" data-url="/programmes/specialseries/2019/03/unholy-alliance-monks-military-myanmar-190309083316608.html" data-description="Is the joining of forces between radical Buddhist monks and generals threatening Myanmar's young and fragile democracy?

Plus, Norway's response to climate change." data-bcmedia="6078285414001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/6/11/07cec803024a4b458764328abb33d4fc_18.jpg"The Listening Post" data-title="'Normalcy' vs reality: Conflicting narratives about Kashmir" data-url="/programmes/listeningpost/2019/08/reality-conflicting-narratives-kashmir-190831074524636.html" data-description="Foreign press and Indian media see Kashmir very differently.

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Plus, the challenge of investigative journalism in Albania." data-bcmedia="6081922474001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/8/31/3c6bbe511bfb48848a3a5a66d0d9f379_18.jpg"Inside Story" data-title="Can a rift tear apart the Saudi-UAE coalition in Yemen? I am serious about finding my soulmate and the love of my life. I am looking to meet someone to get to know while I am in Budapest.

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