Cat lover dating site

04-Jul-2020 19:09

Although it's questionable what all those cats would think about sharing their owners, and God forbid, their space with another human or even feline, one thing is for sure - Meet Cat Lovers was long overdue.

For singles who are fond of their feline friends then the best place to meet fellow cat lovers is on a cat lover dating site.

It offers a simple and intuitive user interfaces that can help people to create their own feed of new cat pics.” Between viral cat videos, Taylor Swift regularly walking around carrying hers, Karl Lagerfeld’s kitty Choupette (who’s become a social media star), and now this app, it’s clear feline fever isn’t going away anytime soon.

Shame, the warm keyboard is kitty’s new favourite bed.

MIAMI, FL, September 30, 2017 /24-7Press Release/ -- Cat lovers are a special breed devoted to sharing their lives with cats.