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03-Nov-2020 12:20

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TRULIGN™ is the first accommodating lens to also offer astigmatism correction.

If you have cataracts and/or astigmatism, call us today to schedule a consultation with Key-Whitman.

If you don't have cataracts but you are nearsighted, there are two ways that IOLs may be able to help treat the nearsightedness: Cataracts that begin in the center of the lens (nuclear cataracts) are the most common cause of nearsightedness getting worse in adults.

Most people choose distance-vision IOLs over near-vision IOLs, and they use glasses for sharp near vision.

For a list of covered benefits, please refer to your Evidence of Coverage or Summary Plan Description.

However, most TRULIGN™ Toric IOL patients experience vastly improved near, intermediate, and distance vision once the lens is in place, resulting in minimal dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

Many astigmatism patients have never experienced good vision before without the help of glasses or contacts.

But they are not as thick and heavy as traditional cataract glasses.

Studies are being done to find the age at which children can benefit from an IOL.The Crystalens® IOL is the clear choice for patients seeking to not only preserve their intermediate vision, but have a continuous range of vision: Key-Whitman Eye Center is proud to offer one of the latest, most innovative lens implants on the market: the TRULIGN™ Toric IOL.