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A personal life is a personal life."What happened to her after they split: She now has her own TV show Supermarket Superstar, which premieres on the Lifetime channel later this month. She can kick my ass."What she said about him: "It's really not anyone's business.What he said about her: "I wish I had known when I was younger that I was not the marrying kind. I am one of them."What she said about him: "George is very romantic, as am I. He is tuned in to others ."What happened to her after they split: Balitran appeared on French reality show La Ferme Celebrities.He's just lovely."What happened to her after they split: "The hardest thing to deal with was the perception that I was going out with George to further my career," Lisa told one interviewer. ' I never tell."CELINE BALITRANHow they met: Clooney fell for French waitress and law student Celine while filming The Peacemaker in Paris in 1996. I was doing a full-time television show and simultaneously eight feature films."What she said about him: She told Paris Match in 1996: "We're madly in love. She is divorced from director David Rosenthal and has returned to obscurity.One thing's for sure - you get great tables at restaurants."LISA SNOWDONHow they met: While filming a Martini advert together in 2000.

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What she said about him post-split: "George is fit, women love him. Charming, funny, intelligent, extremely handsome."EX-WIFE TALIA BALSAMHow they met: The pair dated in 1984 and got together again in 1989.

1998 - October 2001Charlize Theron and "Third Eye Blind" front man Stephan Jenkins dated for 3 years before splitting up in 2001.

It has been claimed that many of the songs on the "Vein" album have to do with his emotions about their breakup.

He so did not date Reese Witherspoon..is dating Jake Gyllenhaal!!

Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful and attractive actresses in Hollywood and of course has been dating many men in the past. Let us examine Charlize Theron's dating history below...Just as the While the world was fully aware that George Clooney was not one to commit and settle down, the award-winning actor was fully aware of this also.