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(She left the university in 2006, however) She started her acting career in 2007 through her performance in SBS TV drama series, ‘Mackerel Run'(2007).

After a series of appearance in movies or TV drama series, she won a lot of awards for her great performance.

Moon's other notable television series include the revenge melodrama The Innocent Man (2012) and the medical drama Good Doctor (2013).

Moon made her acting debut in 2007 in Mackerel Run, alongside fellow newcomer Lee Min-ho; they were among 60 actors who auditioned for the teen sitcom.

War of the Arrows eventually went on to become the highest grossing Korean film of 2011, with 7.48 million admissions.

Moon was praised for her portrayal of a feminine yet feisty woman abducted by a foreign army on her wedding day, yet who isn't a typical damsel in distress and instead survives by her wits and sheer will.

Moon first attracted attention in 2008 in her supporting role as a gisaeng in Painter of the Wind.

She was next cast in Brilliant Legacy, one of the top-rated Korean dramas of 2009.

It was the first time in Korean drama history that two actresses won the Best Couple Award, despite the sexual conservatism of Korean network television.

Article: [Exclusive] The first couple of 2014, Lee Seung Gi and Yoona...

"Spotted on a Cinderella date"Source: Dispatch via Naver1. [ 14,131, -98] Definitely a big bang to the new year3.

[ 4,538, -62] Last year it was Kim tae Hee and Rain, this year it's Yoona and Lee Seung Gi2. I'm very envious of Yoona for dating a man like him8.

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[ 3,433, -276] They are both blindly good looking...3.

She drew praise for her performance as a cold, cynical woman groomed to take over her father's conglomerate, who later reverts to helpless innocence after losing her memory.