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We have a very small team (typically max five persons) that has access to your personal data.Please contact Erwin van Lun, founder and managing director of, for the most recent list of the individuals who can access your data.While there is access to passive data acquisition, the "motivated" characters return the user to the scene to progress toward a conclusion.This format is well suited for English as a Second Language conversational simulations, where User improvisation is encouraged without resulting in failure. or you can go to google and type make your own character and chat. Depending on the designer simulations can or can't be realistic.then click simulation dressups there are heaps of chat games!! zwinky is actually a simulation game that you can chat with friends,play games and of course you can dress up your own character the same with zwinky cuties it is also a simulation game you can dress up your own character,decorate your own room and chat with friends you can buy room stuffs and pets and clothing for your character you cannot buy clothes unless your not a jet member Jet member can buy anything… Zeigler has written: 'Theory of modeling and simulation' -- subject(s): Computer simulation, System theory 'Multifacetted modelling and discrete event simulation' -- subject(s): Digital computer simulation, Discrete-time systems 'A methodology for simulation program development' W.If you are a guest, please contact Erwin van Lun, founder and managing director of,with your question.

it was made as more of a test run then anything but I hope you enjoy none the less)bloopers can be found here:https://

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