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10-Aug-2020 20:18

I was getting hungry, but our conversation lingered on. I was concerned she would think I was overreacting, or worse, she would mention this to someone else. I sometimes think back and ask myself if I should have done something. A close friend of mine and I were sitting in my room and had been chatting for hours. So I guess the correct answer to her question was “No, I was not ‘raped’.”In that moment, I wasn’t sure how to answer her. Yet, for some reason, this conversation led it to become a part of me that I suppressed even more. Sexual assault is an uncomfortable topic to discuss, and it was through our talk that I realized that I didn’t want to put my loved ones in a place where they have to take on my burden.The League also found that you have a greater chance of being ghosted if you send messages including ‘Hey gorgeous’, ‘whatssup’, and ‘hey, how are you?’ So maybe avoid those.* *Especially ‘whatssup’, you monster.The League found that when people ghosted on the app, 90% of the time it was within five days of matching.Now, of course, this type of ghosting is quite specific to The League, a dating app. She then sighed and asked, “Did he rape you though? I mean technically the term “rape” encompasses “intercourse” or “penetration.” And that specific contact never happened.

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Thankfully, there are ways to protect your sweet, vulnerable self from the horror of being ghosted.

So the next time you’re moaning about life on your own – remember, it’s exactly what you make it.

Trust me, before you know it you’ll be coupled up with a bloke who drives you nuts, fantasizing about walking out, shutting the door behind you and buying a one way ticket to the other side of the world.

The key is knowing the profile of a ghoster inside and out, spotting the warning signs, and holding back your most sensitive bits (I mean emotional bits.

Have sex whenever you want) until you’re sure that you’re not chatting to someone who’s about to disappear off the face of the planet.

Well, grasp it, people – because here’s news, I’m single and I totally love it. The initial connect, the first date, chatting for hours in the corner of a cosy pub, snogging on the way home, getting to know someone and sharing my time (and bed) with someone ‘special’ – it rocks and I wouldn’t turn down an LTR of some description in the future – as much as I love holidaying with my friends, I’d be lying if I said I don’t occasionally crave the odd dirty weekend in Paris now and again. I get a sense of pride for knowing I haven’t succumbed to the pressure of society (read: aunts at weddings and smug married friends) asking ‘when am I going to find Mr Right’ or ‘What am I waiting for? (FYI: nothing, I’m not waiting for anything, which is really, the point.) There is still a myth these days that you can’t have happiness without being in a relationship – still a shroud of pity around those who just haven’t found ‘the one’ yet, *insert mad cat lady jokes here* – it’s rubbish.

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