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16-Feb-2020 20:33

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"And, like a magician does when wanting to guide the audience's attention away from a trick, he needed to provide a distraction, or in magician's terms, 'a misdirection,' for the media the night of the show's opening.That night, unbenknownst to me, The manipulation and question of whether Angel's actions were genuine began to grow as the staged photo-ops and antics for the paparazzi continued, but the lavish gifts and endearing words seemed to mask any immediate worry for the time being."Criss' explosive temper was becoming increasingly mor alarming.I didn't want to go back to the mansion, Criss knew that, but it was as if he couldn't help his jealousy.In 2011 he proposed to his current fiancé Sandra Gonzalez.Although he is perceived by some people as someone who is self-involved, Criss Angel is known to share his vast fortune by participating in various charity events.

Besides being one of the best-known faces of show magic, Criss Angel is also a musician and creator and procurer of a reality TV show “Criss Angel Mindfreak”.

The famous showman has also appeared on various TV series and shows like “Larry King Live”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “The Ellen De Generes Show”, “The Late Show with Craig Ferguson“, “The Megan Mullally Show”, “WWE Raw”, “Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel” and “CSI: New York”.