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14-Jun-2020 01:48

Soon, he discovered tattooing, immediately falling in love with it and obtaining an apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop.Nuñez claims that he is very grateful for the experience of an apprenticeship when he was younger, as he worked his way up from background work -cleaning, running errands, fixing machines - to learning how to tattoo and tattooing fundamentals.Besides that, Chris Nunez is a renowned television personality.He has been a cast as well as a judge in world-renowned artistic shows.Some wiki sources reveal that Chris stays with the daughter while the wife stays with the son in California. He was recently dating actress Margarita Anthony, though it appears as if they separated.Presumably, this character of infidelity is what led to his separation with Carole-Anne Leonard.He has been in the tattoo business for the whole of his life, close to three decades now. According to wiki-bio, he got his first tattoo, which included his parents’ names, when he was only 16 years old.Chris Nunez career debut as a graffiti artist at age 18.

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Nuñez's first tattoos, which he got at age 16, were of his parents' names.He has gained much fame from these TV appearances and more importantly, he has multiplied his income through the same.Chris Nunez’ protracted career as a tattoo artist is the number one source of his income and huge net worth.Moreover, he has entered into several partnerships.

As a result, the returns he gains from these sources have greatly impacted his wealth.The couple divorced for reasons which are kept a great secret to the public.

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