Cisco vtp not updating

05-Feb-2020 06:15

When a new VLAN is created and configured on a switch without the VTP protocol enabled, this must be manually replicated to all switches on the network so they are all aware of the newly created VLAN.

This means that the administrator must configure each switch separately, a task that requires a lot of time and adds a considerable amount of overhead depending on the size of the network.

i notice the MD5 digest on switch 4 is not matching all others, but this doesnt affect anything when switch 1 is not trasparent so im not sure this is a problem? Despite what you will find in Cisco documentation, a transparent 3550 or 3560 will NOT forward VTP advertisements to a switch that is not in the same VTP domain, regardless of which VTP version either switch is running.

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The VTP protocol is a fairly complex protocol, but easy to understand and implement once you get to know it.

If the idea of manually updating all switches within your network doesn't scare you because your network is small, then imagine updating more than 15-20 switches a few times per week, so your network can respond to your organisation's needs...we got you thinking now?

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