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01-Oct-2020 15:48

There are several ways to accomplish this, including: Before attempting this, it’s wise to research tactics and techniques, considering the pros and cons.

You can use a nonprofit credit counselor to guide you through the process and offer suggestions.

If you don’t make payments on time, the lender could foreclose on your home.

After analyzing your debts and income, you may conclude that you are incapable of paying what you owe, even at a lower interest rate or reduced monthly payments. Chapter 7 forces you to sell all assets except those specified as exempt under state law.

If you’re like most folks who carry multiple credit cards, the merry go round of payments is a monthly frustration and chances are good you’ll eventually face problems making your deadlines.

Nearly half of America’s households carry a balance from month-to-month and the amount they owe is growing.

If you’re one of the dinged, it might be time to get brutally honest with yourself.

You’ll need to ponder if you have enough income to fund a debt consolidation plan or whether your finances are so out of whack that the only alternative is to surrender and file bankruptcy.

If you are successful, you basically walk away debt free. You must pass a “means” test (your income must be lower than the median in your state) to be eligible.

It requires that you repay non-discharged debts over three to five years, usually through a single monthly payment to an administrator. Both types of bankruptcy eliminate unsecured debts and halt foreclosures, repossessions, wage garnishments, debt collection efforts and utility shut offs.

Some of your property might be exempt from the process, depending on your state’s laws.

The alternative, bankruptcy, seeks court protection from creditors and can either discharge debt or reduce it with a payment plan that can take up to five years to complete.

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Debt consolidation is a strategy to reduce the interest rate and lower the monthly payment on credit card bills by combining them into a single payment.Whatever type of debt consolidation loan you pursue, a good credit score is usually necessary for approval.

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