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19-Jan-2020 06:18

Name = x Str AWBName & "(" & x Arr(x I) & ")" Exit For End If Next x I Next x WS Workbooks(x Str AWBName). Let's see how to get this function work in combining multiple workbooks. Create a new workbook and click Kutools Plus Combine.

Display Alerts = True End Sub Fortunately, the Combine workbook utility of Kutools for Excel makes it much easier to merge multiple workbooks into one.

The difference report clearly shows you, which groups there are and enables you to make fast and accurate decisions.

One click and the entire group are updated or merged at once.

Choose the first spreadsheet you want to open by clicking on it, then click the "Open" button. Each spreadsheet should be set up with column and row headers (values in the top row and left row) that create a table of data.

The column and row headers can be different values in each spreadsheet but must be present in order for each workbook to merge the data properly.

Then you can see worksheets in two workbooks combined into one. The above VBA code will keep the sheet names of the original workbooks after merging. If you want to distinguish which worksheets in the master workbook came from where after merging, please apply the below VBA code 2. If you just want to combine specified worksheets of the workbooks into a master workbook, the below VBA code 3 can help.

Have you ever been stuck when you have to combine multiple workbooks into a master workbook in Excel?

The most terrible thing is that the workbooks you need to combine contain multiple worksheets.

Synkronizer 11 is the only Excel compare tool in the market, that can automatically update, merge two excel spreadsheets and consolidate Excel tables and entire databases in seconds.

This new edition gets updates and mergers done faster and definitely more accurate that it can ever be achieved by manual work. All thanks to the high performance of the Synkronizer 11. Let the Synkronizer 11 take care of the time consuming task - The merging and consolidating of Excel workbooks from various departments or people.Data in a cell with the same column and row headers will be added together in this example.