Cougar dating tv show

25-Sep-2019 05:49

"It's just wrong all around," she told The New York Times. It's just about older, successful, independent, strong women who enjoy someone that's younger.” She added to Canada’s National Post: "It's a huge double standard and I think women should just be appalled.“We just want to be treated the same way as all the others, and the discrimination against the word 'cougar' makes it even worse.Google denied it was engaged in sexism claiming that certain “trigger” words can prompt reviews of certain sites.The “cougar” phenomenon has been popularised by Cougar Town, a successful television series in the United States starring Courtney Cox as a 40-something mother who dates younger men.So is “Cougar dating” a real trend, a viable relationship configuration, or is it just a myth fueled by teenage boys who lusted over their high school teachers only to eventually grow up?To begin understanding the Cougar Phenomenon, we start by conducting a survey which was sent out to younger male members of our websites (Whats Your, Seeking and Seeking who have shown an affinity to or preference for dating older women.“It’s not just about the ad, it’s about the ad and the landing page of the site,” she said.A few weeks ago, we published a study on the cost of dating younger women.

It also allows similar advertising for other sites that “match” older men and younger women, such as Date, which says clients can meet “sugar babies”.

Claudia Opdenkelder, the founder of the Cougar Life which boasts more than a million members, accused the search giant of sexism.