Counting crows singer dating

22-Aug-2020 17:42

"I have this dissociative disorder which makes other people emotionally a very dicey proposition to deal with." This was the perfect lead-in to a discussion about Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, whom Duritz dated back-to-back in the '90s. It's not only rude to bring it up, it's unoriginal, since nearly every article written about Duritz mentions his famous "Friends" at least in passing.

But that fact alone, I felt, also made it my job to at least try.

"I've gotten a lot of shit together in the last six or seven years," Duritz said.

Duritz has recorded solo material of his own and has collaborated with other musical acts.

He has also founded two record labels, E Pluribus Unum and Tyrannosaurus Records.

Producing the album was David Bryson, and Durtiz would end up befriending both.

In 1990, Duritz joined with Bryson in forming the band The Himalayans. (He says they're extensions.) I want to make fun of him, too. And this interview was the perfect opportunity to confirm his douchiness for the ages.