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18-Jun-2020 08:53

At the very least the usage data is so out of date as to be of the little use unless you burn through your data halfway through the pay period, but then what do you do, stop using the Internet completely for a week when it catches up and tells you you’re at 98%?

They don’t really have any options other than eating the overages anyway unless you’re consistently blowing through your plan and try their “unlimited” where they just throttle you and tell you they aren’t.

On my i Phone, it is what it is, and it is a 5 star app.

by Alyssa Baker | May 12, 2016 | Industry Exclusive/Entertainment Internet providers can be notorious for their hidden fees.

For more info: View TV Listings and set a DVR recording (To watch live TV, download our Contour 2 app)○ Find your closest Cox Solutions Store○ Find a Wi Fi hotspot while at home or on the road out of the 400,000 hotspots now available nationwide from the Cable Wi Fi network○ Access support articles and How To Videos and chat with a customer care agent 24/7 Well, it almost always throws an error instead of connecting to my modem/router, but still displays green on the home screen as if my Internet is all good.

When it says it connected and the internet is fine its usually when I’m sure it’s absolutely not, because we have no Internet.

What initially looks like a reasonably priced package can turn expensive quickly when extra charges and installation costs are tacked on.

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If you want a similar device with Wi-Fi capabilities, you’ll need to purchase a router separately or rent a Wi-Fi capable Internet and phone modem from Cox for .99 per month.

For example, it costs .99 per month for 12 months to subscribe to the Internet Essential package, which includes download speeds of up to 15 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps.